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My name is Andrés Castaño, people and friends call me Casta.  I am from Guatemala and for over 20 years I have played throughout Central America, the US and Europe.  I have been able to play my music in amazing events, places and festivals.  My style can range from ambient and downtempo to trance, techno and breakbeat with flairs of nostalgia rooted in a rave ethos.  I adapt depending on the setting and mood of the space.  Currently I am in the process of alligning dates for my second European tour in summer 2024.  


In 2021 "Lazaro" my first LP came out on digital and vinyl under Identidata in collaboration with Lapsus from Barcelona and with worldwide distribution under !K7.  In November 2022 my second release on vinyl came out through Cacao Records on a special V/A compilation in honor of  Jose Raul Gonzalez.  Allthroughout 2023 I released different singles and remixes for Sonido ModernaNoRobot and  CubeRec.  On September this year the album "Manjar Profano" from visual artist Marlov Barrios  which I co-produced.  I also enjoy producing music for films where I have also been active working in films such as Mendirek.  In addition to this I am working on my second album and focusing on my new project/band Love in Reverb.   

Over the past 2 decades I have made events with artists such as James Holden, Satoshi Tomiie, Michael Mayer, Oscar Mulero, Mathias Tanzmann and Dubfire. During these time I also contributed to companies like Empire Promotions, La Fototeca and BPM Dj and Promotion school.  In  2009 I launched "CubeRec" the first electronic music label from Central America y developed the festivals Semana de Música Avanzada in Guatemala City and Voices From The Lake in Lake Atitlán.


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Para ver más fotografías visita mi red social de Instagram

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